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Be Pup-ared – For many families, the spring and summer months equals vacation and travel. But before you head out on your spring break, take a moment  to review your pet first aid kit, which you should always pack when you travel. A basic pet first aid kit should contain gauze, nonstick bandages, towels, adhesive tape, milk of magnesia, activated charcoal, hydrogen peroxide, a digital thermometer and a medicine dropper. A pre-made first aid kit for pets is definitely handy, but in an emergency you’ll also want to make sure you have all your pet’s essential information at hand. Make copies of your pet’s vaccination and medical history and keep a set in the kit, along with contact numbers for your regular vet and an after-hours emergency vet clinic. It’s also helpful if you learn some basic first aid skills, so head over to, and type in your ZIP code to find some classes in your local area.

Sick As a Dog? – Does puppy act funny in the car? She may be suffering from motion sickness. Dogs and cats can get motion sickness just like we can, and may become dizzy, nauseated, or even sick during trips. Conditioning your pet to travel with short, frequent trips may help; if not, talk to your vet about other options, such as medication.

The Lyme is Now – May is the peak month for ticks.To stay ahead of trouble, protect your pets with a preventative such as Frontline Plus or K9 Advantix II now – if you aren’t already – and be diligent about checking your pet after trips to the park or walks around the block.



Remembering Bailey Jane Hunter

Bailey Pence Hunter - the prettiest bridesmaid cropped

bailey & melissa

Bailey Jane Hunter 6/10/00-3/3/13 On last Sunday, we lost the sweetest, most beautiful, loyal, intelligent and kind soul I have ever known.  She changed my life forever.  I can’t really write more right now but I needed to let everyone know.  She was sick for a long time and she is at peace now.  I am choosing to remember her like this – last summer when Ryan carried her to the beach.  She was so full of joy.  I Love you always Bailey.

Featuring New Calendar Sponsors

The SEVA GRREAT Calendar Committee is actively seeking 2014 Calendar sponsors. We felt that it is only appropriate to shine the spotlight on a couple of our business friends who have already confirmed their willingness to purchase an ad for our next year’s calendar. Off we went to this year’s Mechanicsville Pet Expo, where many of our supporters were present, for some picture taking time to share with you. It really is rewarding to work closely and get to know these folks. This feature is our way of letting them know how much we appreciate their willingness to be a part of our Adopt a Golden endeavors. Many of these friends welcome your business and look forward to having you visit them for their services or products. Included for recognition are: 2SpeakDog, Holiday Barn, Ginger’s, and the Dude Ranch. We did not get a picture for Ensminger Architecture of Richmond, but Dan Ensminger should also be recognized for being the very first sponsor to support the upcoming calendar. These sponsorships go toward the cost of producint the calendar, helping to keep our prices low.

If any of our readership has their own business and are interested in advertising in the calendar, please go to for more details.

“Maddie On Things” will put a smile on your face

Now here is a cute story …

Greater Birmingham Humane Society

If you haven’t heard of Maddie the Coonhound yet, you are missing out.

Theron Humphrey rescued her from an animal shelter in Atlanta, GA, and discovered that Maddie had an awesome talent. Now, her owner has published a book, titled Maddie On Things.

Watch the video below to hear her impressive story.

Unfortunately, Maddie on Tour is not coming to Alabama, but you can see the map here.

Your furry friend doesn’t have to know how to balance on a basketball goal to be amazing.  Every animal has its own story and we want to hear how that has become your story.

If you’ve adopted a pet from the GBHS, please consider sending us an e-mail to let us know how you are doing! Feel free to give an update in the comments section of this post. We love receiving photos and stories from you!

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