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Looking for something to do this dreary day? IT’S NOT TOO LATE to go to the CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL!!

+++ 04 Hank-Coutcher02 britanyzoo - AprilAre you just sitting around watching TV and bored to tears?  Time’s a-wasting!  Jump in the car and head to the VIRGINIA CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL before they run out of beer!

Thanks to our GRREAT friends at DoG Street Pub, SEVA GRREAT has been chosen as one of the rescues to benefit from the festivities at the Virginia Craft Beer Festival.

You still have time to get there.  WHERE?  Merchants Square in Williamsburg.  It started a little while ago but if you hurry (but don’t go any faster than your guardian angel can fly!) you can still make it.  Oh, make sure you have a designated driver to come back home.

AND, you can be among the first to see the NEW 2016 CALENDAR!

I’m leaving now!

Gloucester Daffodil Festival Saturday April 5th


We would like to participate in a parade at the Gloucester Daffodil Festival. It should be a fun event. But before we commit, we would like to know if we have enough interest among our volunteers and Goldens. Most likely we will have a tractor provided by Tractor Supply and possibly some of the dogs riding in a pull along trailer while others will be walking along behind.

The parade starts at 10 a.m. so we would have to be there by around 9. All
doggie dress-ups should have a daffodil theme. The parade route is about a mile and a half. It could be a lot of fun if we can get enough people to travel to Gloucester and bring their dogs.

It’s on Saturday April 5th. Send email to if you would like to participate and indicate how many Goldens you can bring along.

See you there!

Parade Info:

Less than 24 hours to cast your VOTE for SEVA GRREAT!

vote for us facebook banner

Giving Back Awards Voting – Virginia Beach, VA.

We made it to the FINAL round! Just think what being featured in this magazine could do for us!

Do you think you could spare a minute and vote for SEVA GRREAT? VOTE between Aug 27 and Sept 2. One vote per email address. Send this to your friends.

The DEADLINE is 3 PM Monday, September 2nd!!!

Thank you!

Reminder: Membership Meeting/Dog Swim!

WHEN: Sat, July 20, 10am – 2pm

WHERE: Ranch Pet Resort, 11015 Dude Ranch Road, Glen Allen, VA 23059

Meet SEVA GRREAT members and volunteers at this awesome pet resort!! Bring your Goldens for swimming from 10am – 11am. General membership meeting will follow, with more opportunity to enjoy the facility, network with other Golden lovers, and let the dogs have a GRREAT time!! Visit for more information about the location/facility. Bring a picnic lunch if desired, and we’ll see you there!

Gracie Update

Gracee AdoptMegracieGracie had her first PT yesterday. We can already see the difference in her. She uses her right leg more often and walks better. She lost a lot of muscle on her shoulder and elbow.

As little as she is, her PT and massage requires three people, because she won’t be still and probably thinks they are going to hurt her. They told me once she gets use to this, I will have to do this at home. She learned how to walk on the treadmill. She will have PT twice a week and may start water therapy next week.

Gracie was shaking when I dropped her off at Quioccasin Vet yesterday morning. By the time I picked her up, she did not want to leave! She walked along the side of the building and saw them through the glass door and begged to stay there. They let her in and she had another round of petting.

Gracie also had a check up this morning. Dr. Murphie said she is doing well. She does not need to be crated, and she can be off leash in the house. She can go up stairs but not down. She is allowed to have 20 to 30 minutes walks twice a day.

Dr. Murphie said the injury will not impact her life span, but arthritis has started. Range of motion is decreased, especially the extension. PT will help to improve this, but she will probably have a limp. 😦

We will be back to Anderson Veterniary Hospital on 6/4.

Gracie is doing well at home, too. She is learning the basic commands and has not had accident in the house.

Fostering is fun!

Heed the call … there is a little something everyone can do. Support an animal rescue of your choice.

The Pawsey Piggy Troupe


One of the most important people that Animal Rescues and Shelters rely on are fosters. Just like people who foster Children, and Animal foster is there to take care of them for any number of reasons for the shelter. Dogs, Cats and Large Animals such as horses are often fostered out for behavioral reasons, such as under socialization, kennel stress or often in the case of dogs who have lost their owners, sheer loneliness.

For Small animals like Rabbits and Rodents foster homes are required for short term medical reasons, lack of space in the rescues and pregnancy.

As well as having my own Guinea Pigs (and 2 cats, hamster, 2 tanks of fish & 3 toads) I also foster Guinea Pigs on a short term basis for my Rescue. This can be anything for 2 days to 3 months. Some merely needed a place to stay, other required medical…

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