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Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Puppies & Ice Cubes!

How cute is this?!

The Daily Golden

Here’s another gem from The Pet Collective.

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Virginia Beach Light Up The Town Parade Sat Nov. 23

Come on, y’all! Join me for the Light Up the Town Parade on Saturday, November 23rd (that’s tomorrow!) at Town Center in Virginia Beach. We need every available Golden (and their pit crew) to march with us in the Golden herd!

See the link for more info:

Email Dad for more info:

And guess what? This year we’ve got a new vehicle for you to hang your head out of, and we’re going retro!

Let’s see, we need some kids to carry the banner at the front of our herd! So bring the ones you usually hang out with.

Call me on the fur phone if you’ve got questions! Since we Goldens don’t have thumbs (who cares?) my Mom and Dad (Karin and Mike) will answer the phone for me. But call 496-0101.

Emmett, the parade junky

GOLDEN DAYS – Saturday, Nov 9

WHEN Sat, November 9, 10am – 3pm

WHERE Tractor Supply Company, 6499 Market Drive, Gloucester, VA 23061


Join us in one of our favorite new locations to meet some our adoptable Goldens and learn more about becoming involved with SEVA GRREAT!!

TSC loves pets, and you and your Golden will love to come shopping. We hope to see you there!!! We’ll have our 2014 SEVA GRREAT calendars and other great golden merchandise available.

The Tucker Files: Golden Retriever, Dinner Thief!

Has this ever happened to you? Too cute!

The Daily Golden

Tonight I made a beautiful stuffed pork tenderloin, served on a bed of spinach and cheese risotto, with a side of spinach and arugula salad, complete with toasted almonds.  It was a labor of love…


I sat down to watch the Leafs game and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Needless to say I had an audience.


Just when I thought I had enough shots and it was safe, I attempted to put down my ipad.


Somehow, I managed to capture this:


Tucker managed to get one pork medalion.  My fault, I know…here is his punishment!  Go Leafs!


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Golden Retriever Holds World Record for Dog with Most Tennis Balls in Mouth!

Thought I would share this with everyone. Submit your cute Golden pics for the 2015 Calendar! And don’t forget to give 2014 GRREAT Calendars as gifts this Christmas!

The Daily Golden

Well wouldn’t you know it!?  I randomly came across this article while researching another topic.  This is just one more reason golden retrievers are the best breed on the planet.  Not only does the golden retriever hold the record for the world’s loudest bark, they are also top dog when it comes to holding tennis balls in their mouth, according to The Guinness Book of World Records.

Golden retriever Augie from Dallas, Texas claimed the title in the Guinness Book of World Records on July 6, 2003 when he held 5 regulation sized tennis balls in his mouth!

Golden retrievers were bred to carry game in their mouths, therefore the ideal golden has a gentle bite, and can fit lots in their mouths.  The bigger the jowels the better!

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