2014 Calendars Are Coming Soon!

Hi, Everybody!

I’m really enjoying my 2013 Calendar with all my buddies in it! I hear from good sources that the 2014 Calendar has just gone to print. I’m so excited that my tail won’t stop wagging! My friends Willie, Kayak, Cody, Rylee, Kasey, Max, Missy, Ally, Huck, Dakota, Amber, Honey, Dharma, Scout, Archer, Levi, Cooper, PJ, Dallas, Riley, Bear, and lots more are in this next one. And you ought to see Lincoln on the cover! What a guy. Oh, my story is in it, too. They call me a superstar! (blush) I’m just a Golden doing what comes natural to me.

You can be among the first to get the new calendar when it goes on sale at our annual picnic on Sunday, September 22. It will also be for sale at upcoming events and some local doggie stores. If your doggie store doesn’t have it, ask them to contact us for some.

Thanks to all of you for your support and contributions that helped me and my friends at our gRReatest time of need!



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