Fostering is fun!

Heed the call … there is a little something everyone can do. Support an animal rescue of your choice.

The Pawsey Piggy Troupe


One of the most important people that Animal Rescues and Shelters rely on are fosters. Just like people who foster Children, and Animal foster is there to take care of them for any number of reasons for the shelter. Dogs, Cats and Large Animals such as horses are often fostered out for behavioral reasons, such as under socialization, kennel stress or often in the case of dogs who have lost their owners, sheer loneliness.

For Small animals like Rabbits and Rodents foster homes are required for short term medical reasons, lack of space in the rescues and pregnancy.

As well as having my own Guinea Pigs (and 2 cats, hamster, 2 tanks of fish & 3 toads) I also foster Guinea Pigs on a short term basis for my Rescue. This can be anything for 2 days to 3 months. Some merely needed a place to stay, other required medical…

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