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Tidewater Area Garage Sale – April 16, 2014 – To Benefit the Gracie Fund

NCSU2 Gracie

The Donaldsons, who fosterd our beloved Gracie, are busy planning another yard sale specifically for SEVA GRREAT’s The Gracie Fund to help special needs Goldens.

We Need your help in providing items for this upcoming SEVA GRREAT fundraiser! If you have been procrastinating, now is the time to start Spring cleaning! Clean out those cupboards and closets to find things you don’t need anymore and help us raise money for the GRACIE FUND. We can use any item except clothing. Please contact the Donaldsons at to arrange for delivery of your donated items. Items are needed by 4/16.

Thanks for your help. Watch for more information on location and times of the sale.


Gracie Update

Gracee AdoptMegracieGracie had her first PT yesterday. We can already see the difference in her. She uses her right leg more often and walks better. She lost a lot of muscle on her shoulder and elbow.

As little as she is, her PT and massage requires three people, because she won’t be still and probably thinks they are going to hurt her. They told me once she gets use to this, I will have to do this at home. She learned how to walk on the treadmill. She will have PT twice a week and may start water therapy next week.

Gracie was shaking when I dropped her off at Quioccasin Vet yesterday morning. By the time I picked her up, she did not want to leave! She walked along the side of the building and saw them through the glass door and begged to stay there. They let her in and she had another round of petting.

Gracie also had a check up this morning. Dr. Murphie said she is doing well. She does not need to be crated, and she can be off leash in the house. She can go up stairs but not down. She is allowed to have 20 to 30 minutes walks twice a day.

Dr. Murphie said the injury will not impact her life span, but arthritis has started. Range of motion is decreased, especially the extension. PT will help to improve this, but she will probably have a limp. 😦

We will be back to Anderson Veterniary Hospital on 6/4.

Gracie is doing well at home, too. She is learning the basic commands and has not had accident in the house.

Gracie Update from Quan

gracie smallJust a quick note that Gracie had a check up today. Dr. Murphie was very pleased with how flexible her elbow movement is, and we are going back for another check up in two weeks, Dr. Murphie thinks that will be the time start her physical therapy.

He said Gracie will definitely have arthritis in the future as the result of the injury.

The staff was thrilled to see her and Gracie was so excited to see them, too.

Here is a picture of Gracie yesterday chillin’ on our deck.