Calendar Contest Deadline Extended!


ATTENTION ALL GOLDENS! QUICK! Go tell your parents to look through their pictures one more time. We still need some unique pictures for the 2015 calendar. We are especially in need of spring, Halloween, fall and summer pictures. We need sidebar pictures and watermark pictures. Resolution for sidebar pictures doesn’t have to be as good … just a 4 X 6 size. They should all be landscape. For watermarks, we are looking for pictures with a simple background. They could even be a soft focus.

So while it sounds like we’re being “picky” about the pics, we just want to show off your Goldens in the BEST way we can. What we want to do is keep pictures coming in year round. We will announce when we have completed the current calendar, and carry good, qualifying entries to the next year. Just keep those pictures coming in as you take them!

This is a GRREAT time to show off your beautiful Golden, so please send your pictures to

Self-appointed assistant editor


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