One Volunteer’s Story

image2Yes, we have Goldens! We have two beautiful Goldens, Macey and Jeter (yes, named after Derek Jeter of the Yankees). Six years ago, my wife and I decided to get a puppy. She had always had Rottweilers and I have always wanted a Golden. After a brief conversation we started to look for a Golden puppy. We found a breeder in Gatesville, NC with an 11 week old blonde male. I wanted a blonde (at first) so we jumped in the car and started our journey.

When we arrived, they delivered a crushing blow. When our perspective puppy was out running around that morning he was stolen. We thought we were out of luck, but breeder’s brother also had Goldens. We drove to his farm and found 12 Golden puppies running around! They were all blonde and gold except for one puppy who didn’t wake up. She just laid there and didn’t want to be bothered. She stood out from the rest because she was red. We knew instantly she was the one. She just looked at as and fell back asleep. Yes, we knew she was the one.

Along comes Jeter! In 2010 we decided to get another dog, a Golden, of course (once you have one you need another). Macey was now 3 years old. We wanted a puppy but weren’t sure so we looked into rescuing a Golden. We found Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue in Reading, PA, about 3 hours from our new home in Philadelphia. I contacted them to learn they had a perfect fit, 8 month old female named Charlotte. We hopped in the car with Macey and started our drive.

DVGRR was a field full of Goldens that was just awesome! We went to the meeting cage with Macey to meet Charlotte. Let it suffie to say Macey was not amused with this energetic puppy so we meet anothe Golden female and again Macey was not amused. I asked if they had any 1 year or under males although that’s not exactly what we were looking for. Well she said yes BUT he is a special needs dog. He is 11 month old Tango and he has hip dysplasia and suffered a torn ACL when he was just a few months old. She said that he has been passed over several times because of his past. We talked and decided that this was a challenge we both felt good about trying but we would need Macey’s approval. The volunteer brought Tango out. As soon as I saw him, I fell in love. He was beautiful. Well I was not the only one who loved him, so did Macey! They started to play within seconds and that’s all it took. We now had our second Golden and since that day, these to have been inseparable! The best of friends!

Jeter is the reason my wife and I are involved with Golden Retriever Rescues. Being in the Navy sometimes makes it difficult to do as much as I would like, but I know how just a few hours by one person can greatly help out.

Well, that’s my Golden story and here a picture of them.

— Patrick & Vanessa Abbruzzi


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