HuckSlipperHello! My name is Huckleberry but they call me Huck. My foster mom says Huckleberry was a little long to call when she needed me, so she is sticking with just Huck. My foster dad, wellhe gets confused and calls me Chuck! I don’t care as long as you call me for dinner! Ha, Ha! I just turned one in December and boy am I cute (just look at my picture)!
Sadly, as I was becoming a grown young man, they noticed I was walking a little funny and seemed to be in pain. My owners took me to the vet where they did x-rays. After looking at the x-rays, it was very obvious that I had horrible hip dysplasia. My family tried everything possible, but just could not afford the surgery that I desperately needed. They did the best thing for me and surrendered me to SEVA GRREAT, who agreed to take me in and have the surgery done by Dr. Murphy, who specializes in hip surgeries. My surgery is scheduled for March 2 at Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital. They were so nice to me during my intake that I’m not even afraid to go back.
Things have been going great in my new foster home! I have two foster brothers and one foster sister. We are all getting along great and they let me play with all their toys. I can tell that the toys at the bottom of the basket haven’t been played with in a long time so I pull them ALL out everyday. My favorites are the bones and my foster moms fluffy slipper (OOPS, that wasn’t in the basket!!) to chew on. I heard my foster mom say she needs to teach me to put my toys away when I’m done. I don’t understand … why would I do that when she puts them away every night before we go to bed?
So, I go in soon to have my surgery. They say I will have to stay extremely calm for several weeks after surgery. I know this recovery period will be hard, but it will all be worth it when I can run and play without any pain. My surgery is estimated to cost at least $5,000, so any donations to SEVA GRREAT would be greatly appreciated. I’ll send another update once I’m back home.
See ya’ soon!


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